19 June 2019

We are Africa’s only literary NGO, with a mission to accentuate awareness in Africa’s SCD hot spots, in particular West African countries. We give free reading materials (magazine, books, periodicals, etc) to the libraries of educational institutions. Our awareness agenda is targeted primarily at primary and secondary schools in the West African sub region.

This year, we are giving away hundreds of copies of past/current editions of SICKLE CELL NEWS to deserving registered or yet-to-be-registered SCD NGOs outside Southwest Nigeria.

To benefit from our 2019 free magazines agenda, Please send an email to africa.scnews@gmail.com giving the following information

  1. Name of organization (state whether registered or yet to be registered)
  2. Website (if any)
  3. Name of contact person
  4. Phone no of contact person
  5. Number of copies required (limit to minimum 20, maximum 50). You may be given more or less depending on our assessment

Deadline: MAY 31 2019

Participate in our SCD awareness campaign by sending a gift of SICKLE CELL NEWS to your alma mater